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Land valuation has its own specifics.

Land plots is unique commodity and one of the most profitable investments. Land plots valuation is currently topical because as a part of legal land relationships it is a basis for Azerbaijan land market development.

Verification of real land value is required for land purchase, sale and other land and land rights operations which are aimed at further land usage and generation of profit.

During land plots valuation either land ownership right or tenant right cost is to be estimated. Tenant right cost depends heavily from tenant competence, right expiration date, encumbrance of tenant right, other persons’ rights for the object being valuated and designation (i.e. permitted use) of the land.

It is worth mentioning that should construction of real estate objects on the land in question be planned, it’s valuation must be performed with taking into account current state of service lines and possibility of connection to existing networks. Another important land valuation factor in this case would be geological and geodesic reports which allow one to estimate structure, properties and state of ground, surroundings relief, and construction expenses.

As per information from our specialists the prices for last plots in Baku vary as presented in the following table.

Land plots prices in Baku for August 2016
Zone Description Price for 100 sq.m.
1 Center  200 000 - 550 000 AZN 
2 Price for sq.m vary between 65 000 and 400 000 AZN on average
land plots located in areas with low population density, unfortunate location 65 000 - 90 000
land plots located near large parks and metro station 150 000 - 170 000
land plots with premium location 250 000 - 400 000
3 variouse use land plots  30 - 100 000 AZN 
4 Price vary from 800 azn to 40000 AZN for 100 sq.m. in 2016/ Splitted by  use as follows
agricultural 800 - 2000
private houses 6000 - 8000
for new high-rise buildins 8000 - 30000